Menu Shrinking is Trending for 2014

Technomic, a foodservice research and consulting firm, has identified the trends emerging for the second half of 2014. According to a press release published on their site, they bring together the best judgments of its consultants and editors to periodically identify and assess trends that may significantly impact the restaurant industry. The insights are based on site visits, evaluating the restaurant scene in cities across the country, as well as interviews and surveys of operators, chefs, and consumers. Also, this is backed up by qualitative and quantitative data from their databases.


One of the trends they see emerging is menu shrinking across all day parts in casual dining chains. They explain how operations can slow down when menus get too big and that a less-is-more approach can create a more user-friendly customer experience.

With, shrinking your menu is an easy task. It includes features and provides accurate insights that allow you to clearly see your top and bottom sellers, menu modifications that your customers frequently request, the most common product mixes, and more. Moreover, the insights can be filtered by day part, location and period. If you’d like to learn more about our features, email us to schedule a demo.

To read the rest of the trends, visit the Technomic press release by clicking here.

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