How Marketing Vitals’ Software Eases Franchisee Pain Points

How Marketing Vitals’ Software Eases Franchisee Pain PointsRunning a franchise restaurant is quite different from owning a single independent restaurant. But while the challenges may be different, there are still solutions to even the toughest problems that you face.

At Marketing Vitals, we believe our data analytics software is the solution to many of the pain points you face every day. Here’s how we can help.

Branding and Marketing

When you use Marketing Vitals solutions at your restaurant, our software will mine data from nearly every part of your restaurant. We then analyze these vast amounts of data to make discoveries and provide insights about your brand at your specific location. We can show you how customers in your area interact your brand, and guide you on what you can do to change their perceptions. All done through machine learning technology. We take the guess work out of decision making.

We can also present you with an accurate analysis of your marketing efforts or seasonal campaigns – specific to your stores. Our marketing analytics provide you with real insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to attracting new customers. What works for a store across the country might not work for your location. Our solutions help you zero in on how to get the most out of your marketing efforts for each location.

Menu Analysis and Pricing

Differences across the country don’t just pertain to marketing. There can be significant differences in menu preferences, as well. The customers at your store simply might not have the same tastes and preferences as those on the other end of town, much less several states away. So how can you suggest changes to the menu if you think something different might work better?

Our menu analysis tool can help provide you with the hard data you need to bolster your ideas and suggestions to the franchisor. Our software also provides a tool for idenitfying opportunity to increase prices for your store. The TURF simulator can show you what removing a menu item item might do to a specific store’s sales and traffic – before you do it!

When you have to make a decision on raising prices at your location, you need to be sure that you won’t be driving away customers. Our analytics gives you a better understanding of how your pricing impacts your guests’ orders, and can help you safely increase prices without alienating price-conscious guests.

Staff Motivation

Staffing presents many pain points – but also a great opportunity to influence sales. One of the pain points we hear about at Marketing Vitals is motivation. We’ve been in the business long enough to know that success without great staff is basically impossible. Your franchise may have a set way of doing things to try to get the most productivity out of their staff, but that doesn’t mean that staff will always be motivated past hitting the necessary goals for each day.

If you feel like you need help motivating the employees at your location, then it’s time to look at Marketing Vitals. Our software, including our IncentivizeMe! app, is one of the best resources on the market for getting the most out of your team. We make it easy to set up contests, keep track of your employees’ progress in the standings, and teach employees what they could be doing to improve – all from a mobile device. The best way to get great performance from your staff, and avoid high turnover, is with a little incentive. A little incentive for them, can yield a lot of sales for you!

Think of our solutions as the mediator that gives you the strategic guidance you need to be confident in your choices – at a price you can afford. Remember, your restaurant may be part of a chain, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t unique. Our solutions help you take advantage of the factors that make your location distinct.

Does it sound like your franchise could use the power of our data analytics software? Then contact us today for a free demo!

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