New Feature: Playbook

We’re excited to introduce our game-changing feature, Playbook.  The newest Analytics feature gives you a blueprint on how to improve team members’ performance and predicts the impact it will have on sales. The Playbook is broken into 2 sections: Potential Sales Growth Chart and Sales Category Tables.

Potential Sales Growth Chart

The Potential 5-Week Growth chart shows how each sales category will be impacted once the team members improve.


Sales Category Tables

Each sales category is given a trainer and lineup.  The trainer, displayed on the left corner, is the top performer for that sales category, while the lineup consists of the underperforming team members.  Each member in the lineup has a percentage next to their name, which quantifies their room for improvement. You can also manage your lineup by benching team members, which removes them from the line up. Or click on a team member’s name to see if they need to improve in other sales categories as well.

Playbook Blog

The graphs at the bottom of the table measures how well your lineup is currently performing using 3 colors:

  • Red-Major Improvement Needed
  • Yellow-Underperforming
  • Green-Outperforming

The Playbook is designed to optimize your team members’ performance. This feature pinpoints where team members need improving and provides tools to measure their performance and the potential growth in sales. If you want to learn more about Playbook or to request a demo of our product, send us an email or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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