7 Steps to Get Started on Instagram

7 Steps to Get Started on Instagram

Instagram is great way to gain free and organic marketing! With Instagram your Fans can post photos or videos of your restaurant’s food, beverages, and decor to their followers. IG users can check-in or map your restaurant’s location so their follower’s know how to get to you. They can also help spread the popularity of your restaurant’s […]

Debunking Profit Margin Myths

Maintaining an average or better profit margin year-over-year is a great way to measure the success of a restaurant. However according to National Restaurant Association there are profit margin myths, restaurants should avoid in order to prosper. To help separate fact from fiction, we’ve provided the necessary MarketingVitals.com‘s insights to guide you through some of the myths. […]

MarketingVitals.com Latest Features

MarketingVitals.com is excited to start the new year with the announcement of our latest features, Bird’s Eye, and Profit Margin Insights. Bird’s Eye This interactive feature gives you an aerial view of your stores’ progress using Google Maps. Now you can pinpoint, compare, and evaluate how different geographic locations may affect each store’s major sales trends. Profit Margin Insights As labor and food costs […]

Menu Trend Predictions for 2015

Here are the top 10 menu predictions according to 1,300 chefs in the American Culinary Federation.