Why target Hispanic consumers

A few of the reasons why your restaurant should target hispanics: – There are more than 53 million Hispanics living in the U.S. – It is one of fastest-growing consumer segments in the U.S. – Hispanic population is expected to represent 19% of the total US population by 2020. – Buying power growth is 48% vs. […]

Why you should take control of your Restaurant listings

Recently there was an article on The Wire, about a restaurant owner that was suing Google for sabotaging their weekend sales. According to the article, the eatery suffered a 75% drop in customers over weekends in early 2012, and for a long time, the owner could not understand what was going on. Then, a regular […]

Why You Should Sell Your Desserts

Many restaurants may be missing out on a significant revenue stream by opting out of offering desserts to customers. Studies show that while small plates and portion control are all the rage right now, diners’ total check averages remain the same, indicating that diners are most likely using these smaller dishes to tack on desserts. […]

Meet our new Mobile App: IncentivizeMe!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first mobile app, IncentivizeMe! which coincides with our Contests feature. It is available for free on Apple and Android phones. Our new app is designed to boost low participation in restaurant contests, by keeping servers and cashiers motivated and engaged. Typically servers and cashiers believe they either […]