New Feature: FANS

Fans aren’t just for professional athletes and rock stars, your restaurant can have them too! According to the infographic posted last week, most successful small businesses get 60 to 70 percent of their customers to return on a monthly basis. However, how can you find when they’re coming or what they’re ordering; if you’re restaurant doesn’t have a loyalty program or customer participation is low? With‘s FANS, you’re able to view the habits of the guests who frequent your restaurant often.

Percentage of Guests

Description of Fans

Description of Fans

Identify the percentage of fans across concepts, regions, districts, marketing groups, and stores.

Guest Frequency

  Fans Blog2-1

View the:

  • The number of times your fans visited.  (over a specific time frame)
  • The value of yours fans 
  • If they frequent more than 2 of your locations

Habits of Fans

Fans Blog3-1

By clicking each square, you can view which day-part and days your fans frequent the most. Their average spending and which menu items are commonly purchased.

FANS is designed to highlight your restaurant’s biggest cheerleaders. This feature pinpoints their purchasing habits, when they frequent the most, and their value. If you want to learn more about FANS or to request a demo of our product, send us an email or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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