Can Performance Based Scheduling Optimize Your Sales?

Many things are happening in the industry, such as minimum wage hikes, so the desire to increase revenue is greater than ever to offset these costs.

Marketing Vitals has launched a new analytics feature called Performance Based Ranking (PBR) to help you optimize your sales through your FOH team members! Basically, PBR helps you pair the right FOH employees with the right shift on the right day to optimize sales for your bottom line.








As you know, there can be large gaps between team members and how they perform each shift on factors such as increasing PPA or pairing a main entrée with a specific beverage item. PBR, through data feeds and manager evaluations, helps rank employees based off your brand standards and avenues to increase sales.

As an example, rules can include the following:

  • Arriving on time
  • Appropriate uniform
  • Rate of sale for beer or any other sales category
  • Comparison of selling appetizers to desserts

The continuation of monitoring and evaluating your FOH team across all performance indicators can help your managers schedule specific employees for day parts and days which gives them the best opportunity to optimize sales. At the same time, it also shows your managers which team members to work with to improve their performance on certain shifts or days to maximize their salesmanship and service aspects.

Visit to see how we can help you turn your data into results!

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