Turning POS System Math Into True Data Analytics

The Point Of Sale system does an amazing job of collecting information for further processing. Number of items sold, customer data, payment processor, time of day, location ID, cashiers name, etc. However, when comes to understanding what all that means to a brand, true machine learning data analytics must be layered on the take all […]

NEW FEATURE! Menu Analytics

Menu Analytics quickly identifies menu items that are stars, dogs, horses or puzzles based on the rate of sale, percentage of profit contribution, popularity and other aspects to see how a menu item is defined within a menu category. Not only will you see how menu items fall within the four quadrants, but we also […]

Understanding Marketing Campaigns

                  Accurately measure the success of marketing campaigns and understand how guests are responding to changes in your menu and pricing. Our unique visual tools help you explore your data so you can quickly adapt to shifts in your customer’s tastes.  

Price Elasticity

Many things are happening in the industry, such as minimum wage hikes and possible mandatory menu labeling, so the desire to increase revenue is greater than ever to offset these costs. Our tool masters your guests’ spending habits and determines how that affects your menu mix.               By using […]