4 Chains Stepping Into The Future With Tech

restaurant chainsEach year we continue to see more new and innovative tech incorporated into the restaurant industry. Some ideas are simply fixing issues that have been around forever, while others take a more futuristic look at where the restaurant industry is headed. As you may have guessed, chains tend to be the most prolific users of new technology. That’s because they usually have the money to implement it, and the ability to try a new idea at a few locations before making it standard procedure.

If something doesn’t work out, they’re able to scale it back without courting disaster. In many ways, chains are the proving grounds for much of the new tech that is being created for restaurants. With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at four chains that are stepping into the future with that new tech.

1. Chick-fil-A

In 2016, Chick-fil-A unveiled their digital ordering app. It lets customers use their phones to make the experience easier and quicker than ever before. Customers with the app can order from their phone, customize their order to get exactly what they want, and even pay ahead of time. This allows them to skip the line and the wait, and customers can also earn free treats. Each mobile order earns them progress towards more free food. And that food can be redeemed on the app and added to an order, or added in-store by scanning the app or a Chick-fil-A card.

2. Panda Express

Restaurants tend to be cash-heavy businesses, even as more customers pay with their debit or credit cards. There is still a significant amount of time and energy spent counting cash and reconciling cash drawers. Panda Express is using intelligent cash counters and registers to speed up the process to save time and reduce labor costs. The accurate and fast cash counts save time, but they also save restaurants from cash loss and allow employees to spend more time with customers.

3. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts has been aggressively pursuing new tech options for ordering ahead, as well as curbside delivery. Dunkin has their own mobile app which allows customers to order ahead of time, as well as their own rewards program associated with the app. But the chain is going even further, becoming the first brand to launch Waze’s Order Ahead feature. Now, users of the Waze navigation app will be able to place an order with Dunkin without switching apps, then pick it up at their chosen Dunkin location.

4. Panera

Panera is also using tech to up the ante with their loyalty rewards program. For many rewards programs, the customer knows what they’ll be getting once they reach a certain point. But Panera’s rewards work differently. Customers don’t know what they’ll be getting exactly, but it’s based on past purchases in an attempt to make sure that it’s something they’ll enjoy. There are hundreds of rewards “tracks” that a member can be on at any time. But if they begin to change their purchasing habits, then they will be shifted onto a different track that better reflects those purchases.

These restaurant chains are all using some of the latest tech available to improve their sales numbers. Another cutting edge tool being put into play by chains across the country is data analytics software, which helps guide their strategic business decisions – from price changes to marketing tactics – with the real data generated by their restaurants. If your restaurant chain wants to harness the power of data analytics software created specifically for restaurants, then contact Marketing Vitals today for a free demo of our restaurant analytics software.

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