How Restaurant Consultants Can Market Themselves To Restaurants

restaurant consultant?Restaurant consultants can play a crucial role in the long-term success of many restaurants. Sometimes it’s necessary for an outsider to come in, evaluate the restaurant, and make recommendations for changes. If you’re a restaurant consultant, you probably have plenty of ideas and expertise that you’re ready to use, but do you have all the clients you want?

Marketing yourself to restaurants is the first step, and it can be tricky. You’ve got to show restaurant owners what you’re capable of, and why they need your services. What do you bring to the table that’s unique? How are you going to solve their problems?

Marketing yourself to restaurants comes down to showing them the value of your services. You can do that by sharing your experience and your methods. Why are you the best option, and how are you going to help their business?

Bring Your Expertise To The Table

It’s fairly simple to become a restaurant consultant in the digital age. Even a little experience in the restaurant industry can translate to a consultant role – just depends on the problem you are solving. Your expertise (or experience) is likely what will get you the first meeting with a prospective Client. But locking the Client down for a longer-term contract will generally require someone with broader experience. In order to market yourself effectively, you may need to bring in support tools that can enhance your knowledge base quickly.

Show Them How You’ll Work

Restaurant owners will want to know the nuts and bolts of what you’ll be doing, and they don’t want vague assurances and promises. You want to be able to market yourself as a solution to real problems that they have, and in order to do that, you need to have the tools to fulfill that claim. Software from Marketing Vitals is perfect for showing restaurant owners what you can do across many areas of the business – marketing, finance & operations.

Our software collects and analyzes data from every aspect of a Client’s business, and then provides actionable insights about the restaurant. Show your potential clients exactly what aspects of their business you want to focus on, how you’ll obtain the data that you use to make decisions, and why they should trust those decisions.

The great part about the insights you receive from our software is that they aren’t incomprehensible pages of data. They’re clearly defined charts, graphs, and understandable wording. You can take that straight to your client and quickly show them what you’re planning and why. You don’t have to have an analytics background to deliver data-driven insights to your Clients.

Marketing yourself as a restaurant consultant is all about presenting your value first and foremost. Why are you worth it? If it sounds like restaurant data analytics software from Marketing Vitals could help you answer that question, then contact us today.







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