Marketing Vitals Analytics for Point of Sale Companies

Point of SaleThe restaurant industry is a competitive arena in which to do business. Restaurant owners and managers are always looking for a leg up on their competition, and increasingly, they’re turning to innovative tech to get that competitive edge.

Every restaurant needs a Point of Sale system to accept credit and debit payments. But so much more is expected of POS systems nowadays. It isn’t just about making sure the payments go through, it’s about tracking customer frequency and preferences, analyzing sales data, managing employees, and so much more. If your POS system could use a boost when it comes to data analytics, then you might want to start thinking about an alliance with a restaurant analytics company.

When you add Marketing Vitals to your POS system, you’re getting the most advanced restaurant analytics software on the market today. Marketing Vitals was built with restaurants in mind, so our software doesn’t require massive customization to work with your clients. Instead, it fits seamlessly into their business, and takes your POS system to the next level.

Rather than just collecting the data that comes through your POS system, our software can analyze it and create predictions and valuable insights for your clients. The massive amounts of data generated by each restaurant are all taken into account. Our software learns about their restaurant over time, generating accurate predictions that can be acted upon with confidence.

Your customers want a POS system that works, but they also want those key insights into their business. What menu items could be used in combination? What changes to the menu could they make to increase sales and the bottom line? All of these questions are answerable through our software. Teaming up with Marketing Vitals allows you to bring those advantages to your clients and help them get the most out of your services.

Our software even incorporates staff management and motivation capabilities. Sales of specific menu items and overall progress can be tracked through your POS system, using our data analysis. Restaurant managers can easily keep track of contests and competitions from a device, beginning and ending them with ease. It’s all at your clients’ fingertips when you add our software to your POS system.

The restaurant industry is a competitive place, but so is the market for POS systems. Distinguishing yours by adding the power and innovation of Marketing Vitals software is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Smaller companies often have a harder time getting restaurants to choose their product over a larger, nationwide POS provider. It can be difficult to gain a foothold against the biggest, recognizable names, but it isn’t impossible.

Adding Marketing Vitals capabilities gives you another selling point that can help your clients better understand the data behind their business.

If you’ve been looking for a way to set yourself apart from the crowd, then contact us today. We’ll show you how an alliance with the right data analytics company can change the way potential clients view your product.

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