3 Restaurant PR Companies – Their Innovative and Exciting Work

restaurant PRPress releases, website copy, blog posts, newsletters, social media posts and updates – it’s all necessary, of course, but as a restaurant PR company, you know that top-shelf, effective, results-getting PR isn’t really about all that. Those are just the items in your PR toolbox to get your restaurant clients where you want them to be. Really, it’s all about their brand, their story, and relationships – all undergirded by expert data tracking. There are plenty of restaurant PR companies out there doing some amazing work. Let’s take a look at three of them.

Polished Pig Media – Relationship Building

Garden & Gun, “Garden & Gun’s Fried Chicken Bucket List”

Uniquely and solidly branded, Polished Pig Media is a PR company that focuses on relationships. And you can be sure they can help your brand perception and recognition when they have done so well at branding themselves. They even call their team members “Truffle Hunters.”

Here’s a little about them in their own words. “At Polished Pig Media, we bring like-minded people and organizations together resulting in mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and opportunities. We utilize innovative and effective methods to boost our clients’ bottom lines. We represent people and projects with messages and stories that we believe in and that inspire us.”

It’s that “mutually beneficial strategic partnerships” part that really counts, because the aim is always to build relationships. The team at Polished Pig also re-evaluates, every month, the results they have been getting for their clients. They consider each month a new beginning – a time to start over and work even harder.

RunSwitch PR – Branding

(RunSwitch PR, “Successful Grand Opening)

Another well branded company, RunSwitch PR specializes in cultivating all three critical aspects: brand, story, and relationships. Here is what they do: “We are ready to activate the public relations mechanisms you need to achieve your business, legislative, communications, and marketing goals. We deliver what matters most in business or politics: a winning strategy.” One way they “activate the public relations mechanisms” is through hugely successful, hands-on, meet-the-public grand openings.

RunSwitch partnered with Millennial Restaurant Group to help them introduce the Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza Concepts in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. And they now have several successful Blaze Pizza grand openings on their resume. The RunSwitch team knows that grand opening first impressions matter immensely. Their recipe for success has the following ingredients: developing an early relationship with the media, localizing the story, varying media events, being persistent with the media, and following up.

Marketing Vitals – Data Mining

Marketing Vitals is a company that provides that sine qua non for the success of all the rest: data tracking and results monitoring, including brand analytics, marketing analytics, predictive analytics, guest analytics, menu analysis and TURF, test and control, and price elasticity of demand. Although Marketing Vitals isn’t exactly a restaurant PR company, our software and services provide the underpinning that allows restaurant PR marketing success.

Our software uses the vast amounts of data generated by restaurants every day, and analyzes it to provide insights that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. And it’s produced in easy to read points, charts, and graphs that show your clients exactly what they need to know.

Our analytics encompass every part of your client’s business – brand, marketing, guest, and predictive analytics are all used together to produce the best results and most in-depth insights.

It helps when the experts on your restaurant PR team have experience in both the tech and restaurant arenas. At Marketing Vitals, we help restaurant PR companies serve their clients even better with our data mining for marketing and our restaurant expertise. Discover more about why 90+ restaurant brands around the world trust us.

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