Facts You Might Be Surprised To Learn About The Restaurant Industry

The restaurant business is a complex and widespread industry, and it includes everything from fast food joints to Michelin-rated restaurants. With all that diversity, it’s likely that there are some facts about the industry that would probably surprise you. At Marketing Vitals, we love helping our customers get to know every aspect of their business, so we thought we’d bring you some of those little known facts.

  • San Francisco has the most restaurants per household, with 39.3 restaurants for every 10,000 households.
  • The oldest operating restaurant in the U.S. is the Union Oyster House, which has been serving customers since 1826.
  • However, the world’s oldest operating restaurant is the Botin Restaurant in Madrid, Spain. At least, it’s the oldest according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Two restaurants in Salzburg, Austria and Stockholm, Sweden claim the title, too.
  • Despite the abundance of chains that seem to be everywhere, 7 out of 10 restaurants are single-location operations.
  • 9 out of 10 restaurant managers started at entry level, and 8 out of 10 restaurant owners started their careers in entry-level positions. You may not be able to start out in the mailroom anymore, but you can still start out in the kitchen.
  • Those actually aren’t bad odds, either, because 9 out of 10 restaurants have fewer than 50 employees at any time.
  • There are 14.7 million restaurant industry employees in the U.S., making it the nation’s second largest private sector employer. That’s nearly twice the number of people living in all of New York City.
  • And speaking of NYC, it’s the city in the U.S. with the most Michelin-rated restaurants, including six restaurants with a three star rating. The city with the most Michelin-rated restaurants? It’s not Paris. It’s Tokyo, with more than 225 Michelin-rated restaurants.
  • NYC might reign supreme when it comes to fancy restaurants, but New Orleans is the champ in terms of bar density. No surprise there if you’ve spent any time on Bourbon St.
  • Some restaurants are beginning to experiment with going cashless, but states like Massachusetts actually prohibit the practice.
  • McDonald’s seem to be everywhere, but so do Subway restaurants. In fact, there are more Subways than McDonalds worldwide.
  • People who use smartphones love to use them to check out restaurants. 70% say that they view restaurant menus on their phones.
  • And 83% of those smartphone users said that they use their phones to determine where they’ll eat when they are traveling.
  • In 2015, the average American spent just over $3,000 a year on dining and takeout.

That’s part of the eighth straight year of overall growth in the restaurant industry.

  • It’s expected that the restaurant industry will create another 1.7 million jobs by 2025.

As you can see from many of these facts and stats, the restaurant industry is growing, and competition in many areas is fierce. If you want to get a leg up on your competitors, then contact Marketing Vitals today and try a free demo of our game-changing restaurant analytics software.

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