Top 6 Restaurant Instagram Accounts To Follow

There are plenty of great subsets of Instagram that contain some pretty amazing pictures, but if you’re looking for the best way to spend your scrolling time, then, as a restaurateur yourself, it’s a great idea to be following at least a few restaurant Instagram accounts. Seriously, there are thousands of amazing restaurants on Instagram with incredibly delicious posts. Sadly, there are really only so many you can follow. But that’s why we’ve picked out some of the best for you to keep your eyes on.

Howlin’ Ray’s

Nashville hot chicken in LA? Yep, and Howlin’ Ray’s should definitely be on your Instagram feed. Why? Because it’s pretty much impossible not to linger on the photos of the beautiful works of art that are the pieces of fried chicken they post. In a box, on a sandwich, being held tenderly—the chicken just looks delicious and it will be a bright spot in your feed.

Willa Jean

If the croissant you snagged on the way to work this morning was a little… disappointing, then at least you can take a peek at Willa Jean’s Instagram and ogle the beautiful bread and pastries that this New Orleans bakery puts up on a regular basis. The food looks delectable, and the captions all end with “y’all.” It’s basically perfect.

ACE Bakery

The photos that get posted on ACE’s Instagram always leave us wistfully staring out the window, wishing we could be sitting in an outdoor café, enjoying one of their amazing sandwiches or platters. ACE continually puts up gorgeous photos that will add some spice to your Insta feed and certainly leave you a little hungrier than you were a moment before.

Brother Jimmy’s

“Put Some South In Yo’ Mouth” is the slogan, and we would certainly love to do just that. Brother Jimmy’s is located in NYC, but its roots extend way down south. Their Instagram page is full of great food, appetizing drink specials, and good times. Even if you don’t live in the city, you might just want to keep this one on your Instagram feed to remind you where to go when you finally visit.

Chomp Kitchen And Drinks

Burgers, sandwiches, and more burgers make up most of the posts on Chomp’s Instagram account, but don’t be fooled—that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of variety. Each burger is practically a work of art, and they’re all literally mouth watering. It’s easy to just spend time scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling…

Deep Ellum

Craft brews and beautiful pictures of food go together like a fried egg and a burger. The Instagram account for Deep Ellum in Boston has it all, and if it doesn’t convince you to visit, then we can’t imagine what will.

Restaurants across the country have some of the most delicious Instagram accounts in the game. The competition is fierce, so if your restaurant is looking to improve the way you use the data and technology at your disposal, then contact Marketing Vitals today!

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