How Marketing Vitals Can Help Marketing And PR Companies Serve Their Clients Even Better

Restaurants are interesting clients for marketing and PR companies to serve. While their overall business might be the same, each is unique in what it brings to its customers, how it wants to market itself, and how customers view it. So working with restaurants can be an exciting and challenging experience that puts your skills to work.

At Marketing Vitals, we understand the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, and we’ve created software specifically built to help restaurants leverage the data they generate to get better results across the board.

And that’s where your marketing or PR company comes in. You’ve got plenty of ideas for what your restaurant client should be doing to boost sales and get the most out of their marketing efforts, but do you have the hard data that will prove it to them?

Our software uses the vast amounts of data generated by restaurants every day, and analyzes it to provide insights that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. And best of all, it’s produced in easy to read points, charts, and graphs that show your clients exactly what they need to know.

Our analytics encompass every part of your client’s business—brand, marketing, guest, and predictive analytics are all used together to produce the best results and most in-depth insights:

  • Brand analytics will show your clients the importance of their perceived place in the market, and how they can change or enhance those perceptions.
  • Marketing analytics provide accurate accounts of the various levels of success that different marketing campaigns or seasonal specials have on business.
  • Guest analytics can determine guest frequency, and help you show your clients what they can do to increase frequency and loyalty.
  • And finally, predictive analytics will let your clients see clearly how future events will affect business—from weather events to city festivals, and even to the opening of a competitor’s location. And you can use that information to make the best decisions about what marketing campaigns to undertake, when to launch them, and how to achieve the best results.

You’ll also have the ability to analyze your client’s menu and perform TURF analysis on the various items and combinations available to them. Is there a price increase that their business could easily sustain without losing customers? You’ll know that, too.

You can share that with your clients. “This is the hard data that we’re using to make these decisions. Here’s why you should promote this item or combination.” It’s all at your fingertips when you use software from Marketing Vitals.

You already have the experience and track record to back up your ideas for your client’s business, but adding Marketing Vitals to your repertoire allows you to bridge the gap between your ideas and what the data says.

If you’d like to learn more about how software from Marketing Vitals can benefit you and your restaurant clients, then contact us today and we’ll show you the power of data analytics.

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