5 Blogs That Every Restaurant Owner Should Be Following

As a restaurant owner, you know how important it is to stay on top of industry and consumer trends, and make sure that the fresh ideas keep coming, whether that means a new marketing approach or a new menu item. There are plenty of blogs and sites dedicated to helping restaurant owners do just that – you just have to dig through the noise to find the best ones. Luckily, we’ve done the digging for you, so take a moment to check out our 5 favorite restaurant industry blogs.

1. Restaurant Business

If you didn’t already know, the Restaurant Business Magazine has a blog, and it’s packed with great advice and news about the industry. It covers everything from industry and consumer trends to changes in legislation that affect restaurants. But they also have cooking demos, recipes, and ideas for marketing, social media, and design. It’s a can’t-miss blog for restaurant owners who want to stay up-to-date on the industry.

2. GrubHub Blog

You may know GrubHub as a food delivery service, but their Tip Jar blog is an excellent resource for restaurateurs who are looking for advice and new ideas to use in their own business. Its posts cover menus, marketing, staff recruitment, and everything in between. It’s definitely one to check out when you’re searching for some fresh ideas for your restaurant.

3. Restaurant Engine

Here you’ll find advice on restaurant marketing, startup help, promotion suggestions, and strategies to get more customers through your doors. There are also entire sections dedicated to web design, social media, video, and all the tech that’s necessary to turn your restaurant into a success. The blog is updated often, and there’s something for everyone, even if you own a food truck.

4. Uncorkd

As you may have guessed from the name, Uncorkd focuses particularly on the “beverage” portion of the food and beverage industry, but it isn’t just for bar owners. Any owner of a restaurant that serves alcohol or has a bar in-house could benefit from spending some time perusing the blog. There’s a weekly collection of industry news called “The Check Out” that’s perfect for those who want the latest news but happen to be a little short on time, a.k.a. every single restaurant owner out there.

5. Restaurant Den

The Restaurant Den blog is focused more on marketing tips and ideas for restaurant owners, and it always has some fresh ideas for getting more customers to your tables. You’ll see everything from posts on web design and social media to the best food delivery services to partner with. If it deals with marketing your restaurant, chances are that you’ll find an article about it on this blog.

It’s a competitive world out there for restaurant owners, and it makes sense to use any edge you can get—whether that’s knowing where to find the best tips and advice, or new analytical software to use in your restaurant. So give us a call today if you’d like to find out more about how software from Marketing Vitals can change the way you do business.

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