BullsEye: The Way Data Should Be Presented

Sales by Menu ItemsWe created BullsEye to present mass amounts of data without relying on traditional methods like reports, graphs and data cubes. Although each method may have its strength, they all have the following limitations:

  • Reports contain a lot of noise and patterns are hard to detect
  • Graphs only work with certain data points and cannot visually show large amounts of data
  • Data cubes require expensive developing to get started and an analyst to produce the data you need.

With BullsEye, data visualization and reporting are combined to give you a top view of your business. This interactive feature has color patterns which shows you comparisons from prior year or trending average. Allowing you to pinpoint trouble spots, or trends. You can also get an overview of sales categories, KPI’s and events and holidays.

This innovative feature is so groundbreaking we’re not ready to visually reveal it. If you’d like to learn more about BullsEye request a demo today!

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