Why target Hispanic consumers

A few of the reasons why your restaurant should target hispanics:
– There are more than 53 million Hispanics living in the U.S.
– It is one of fastest-growing consumer segments in the U.S.
– Hispanic population is expected to represent 19% of the total US population by 2020.
– Buying power growth is 48% vs. 28% for the rest of the U.S. population
– Hispanic’s buying power is expected to reach $1.5 trillion next year.
– They account for 25% of all restaurant traffic, or 9.8 billion visits a year.
– The average per-person check among Hispanics at casual-dining restaurants is about $14.21 compared with $13.70 among non-Hispanics.
– It’s a prime target for quick-serve restaurants (QSRs). Nearly 85% of their restaurant visits are QSRs

These are some things to consider when targeting Hispanic consumers:

Make Room for Large Parties

Family is one of their core values, and it drives their day-to-day decisions. They always prefer to dine with their family members rather than eating alone. Hispanic parties typically consist of one extra person than non-Hispanic parties. Make sure that your location can accommodate these extra people.

Provide Value

Since they have a strong sense of family unity, and frequently dine out in large groups, Hispanics always look for options with the best value. QSRs are very popular among Hispanics because they provide a great value without breaking the bank.

Pay attention to Quality and authenticity

For Hispanics is very important to feel the product is authentic made and fresh. They pay attention to flavor, which is not the same when manufactured products are used. Hispanics want the entire cultural experience when dining out, so authenticity, quality and service are most important.

Advertise in Spanish

A study form the Pew Hispanic Center shows that 82% of Latino adults in the US speak Spanish, and 95% believe is important for future generations to do so. The National Hispanic Consumer Study found that advertising in Spanish can boost both advertising effectiveness and customer loyalty.

Rely on Digital Marketing

68% of all Hispanics use some kind of social network compared to 58% of all non-Hispanic consumers. According to research conducted by Univision and Burke Inc, Hispanics have a smarphone penetration that’s 10% higher than the rest of the population. They are most likely to access a restaurant app, search for a restaurant and check in through apps like Foursquare. Create engaging websites, make profiles on social media sites and consider developing an app with games, contests or special offers.

Advertise on Holidays

It is good to advertise heavily for holidays, celebrations and social occasions, which are some of the top reasons why Hispanics visit casual dining restaurants

Adjust your Hours

Hispanic consumers give importance to early morning meals and late-night dining, so they appreciate when restaurants are open very early and close very late.

Prepare and Promote more desserts and drinks

Research shows that Hispanics usually order more items than the rest of the population, particularly desserts and drinks. Take advantage of this by increasing your dessert and drink offerings and revamping your marketing efforts to focus on these items.

Make them feel welcome

Hispanic consumer is a more loyal consumer. They tend to stick with the brands that they’ve had great experiences with, who appreciate their business. They look at that as a cue they’re welcome and their business is respected.








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