The Power of Push Notifications

This week we’ve been discussing the importance of having a mobile presence with your customers. However, once they’ve downloaded your app you need to keep them engaged, and that’s where push notifications come in. Push Notifications are great marketing tools to drive guests into your restaurants. Unlike televisions and radio advertising which consists of a lot noise, push notifications communicates your message straight to the guest’s phone without extra distractions. To help you get started, we’ve featured SnapLion’s 5 Terrific Ways Restaurants Can Tap the Power of Mobile App Notifications.



1.  Local Push

Local push allows you to notify local customers of any specials or LTO’s all at once. However SnapLion advises to follow the local time zone to avoid irritating guests and having your messages overlooked.

2.  Geo Marketing

You can actively target your customers based on their locations and provide them with special offers while they’re close-by.

3.  Know Your Customer Preference

Enticing your guests with special offers they’ll actually like, will eventually turn periodic customers into loyal ones. However, it’s advised to send LTO’S infrequently to keep your guests excited about the offers.

4.  App Updates

Updating your app often will keep your restaurant relevant to guests. Sending push notifications of your apps latest updates drives guests to the app, and avoids the hassle of guests updating the app on their own.

5.  Be Infotaining

Your customers will appreciate  friendly gestures like acknowledging their birthday or sending a “we miss you” message if they haven’t been to your restaurant in awhile. This relays the message that your establishment is a fun place to be in and attracts guests without a sales pitch.

Are you currently using push notifications for your mobile app? Comment below and share your experience!

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