Learn How Seasonal Promotionals Effect Guest Behavior

Experiencing sluggish sales after Labor Day? According to the BusinessWeek article, you’re not the only one! After the holiday weekend, most restaurants experience an extreme decline in guest traffic and sales due to the start of the school year.  To combat this declination, restaurants begin running aggressive seasonal promotions from September to November to gain sales and traffic to stores. Currently Olive Garden is featuring their Never Ending Pasta Bowl for $9.99, Red Robin is promoting their $6.99 Burger and Bottomless Fries, and lastly Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp Deal is currently running until November 2.

Although these promotional strategies will get people in the door; what happens once they arrive? For example, did guests who purchased the promotional items also order more appetizers and desserts? Or were their check or guest averages higher than those who didn’t buy the promotional items?

MarketingVitals.com‘s Transaction Profiler allows you to view the impact seasonal promotions had on guest behavior, the times and days of week the items are most popular, and the geographic popularity of the promotion.


This table compares the guest behaviors of those who purchased the promotional items to those who did not.  Allowing you to view the impact the promotional menu items have on sales, quantity sold, guest/check averages, average number of guests, guest spending, and marketbasket,



Ordering Density 

View which times and days of the week the promotional menu item is most popular.



Geographic Popularity   

View the geographic popularity of the promotional item based on rate of sale.

 heat map


With MarketingVitals.com‘s Transaction Profiler you’re able to view the entire impact seasonal promotions has on your guests’ behavior. If you want to learn more about Transaction Profiler or to request a demo of our product, send us an email or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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