Why You Should Sell Your Desserts

Many restaurants may be missing out on a significant revenue stream by opting out of offering desserts to customers. Studies show that while small plates and portion control are all the rage right now, diners’ total check averages remain the same, indicating that diners are most likely using these smaller dishes to tack on desserts.

According to Restaurant Hospitality, a study of 500 consumers commissioned by the Cheesecake Factory Bakery shows that about 31% of respondents think about dessert before they order the main course because they want to save room for it. Moreover, 15% of survey respondents say they choose a restaurant that offers a dessert they crave.


A 2013 Technomic Dessert Consumer Trend Report found the following:

– 40% of respondents report eating desserts after a meal at least twice a week (up from 36% in 2010)

– 78% said they are more likely to eat dessert when they want to treat or reward themselves, while 60% are more likely when they’re happy

– 44% of full-service desserts and 29% of limited-service desserts are shared.

– 36% of consumers agree they are more likely to order dessert if a mini portion is available.

Measuring how well your restaurant is selling desserts and motivating your servers to upsell becomes a very simple task when you use MarketingVitals.com. With our interactive dashboard and features such as Contests and our brand new mobile app IncentivizeMe!, we can help your restaurant generate that sweet revenue stream that you may be missing out on.

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