How to Connect with Millennials

In yesterday’s blog we uncovered what Millennials expect when it comes to food consumption; economical and quality.  Now we’ll discover how to effectively reach Millennials through mobile aps, social media and online presence.



When it comes to getting in touch with Millennials think mobile,mobile, mobile.  According to Megan Rowe’s article, ” a mobile app that provides relevant information and pushes messages to the phone’s lock screen, for instance, is more effective than e-mails.  Rowe suggests that although e-mails maybe effective for the baby boomers, Millennials find them redundant. Also, most consumers will independently download a company’s mobile app because they want to stay connected with the brand through loyalty rewards or even placing orders.  Generic e-mails are often involuntary and can be quickly flagged as junk mailed.

If your restaurant hasn’t developed a mobile app yet, a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must.’s article states, “According to eMarketer, more than half of millennials own smartphones. Of them, 60 percent use their mobile devices to access the internet. By developing a solid mobile presence, you can position your brand to stay top-of-mind with millennial consumers.”

Social Media

Social media is another great way to reach and keep in touch with Millennials. Since it’s explosion in early 2000’s,  some Millennials were its pioneer users while the rest grew up with it.  Rowe suggests viral marketing like refer-a-friend programs creates buzz and credibility for your restaurant.  While’s article suggests letting Millennials be a part of your brand by following up with your customers.  “If you see a customer checked into your restaurant through Facebook or Foursquare, follow-up with him or her and ask about the experience.  This allows you as a brand representative [to] humanize your brand.”

Online Presence

Although mobile apps and social media are very important, a  responsive website is still a basic necessity.  “Web design can ensure that your messages get through no matter how consumers access your site.”  The same goes for online advertising.  Traditional generic web ads like, banners and pop-ups are ineffective in reaching Millennials; now content is key.  “Native ads are those that are strategically placed and seamlessly align with content consumer browsers.”  The ad design and content must match the source they’re placed in.  For example, Instagram has major creative aesthetic requirements for companies to feature sponsored content to their users.  According to the Ad Age article by Cotton Delo, “What makes Instagram’s native-style ads valuable — the fact that they flow through a stream where users see photos one at a time as they scroll through.”  The ads are meant to blend in the what the users are viewing not stand out and become disruptive.  When it comes to designing and placing an ad, keep the consumers browser environment in mind.


Although understanding Millennials may be tricky, connecting with them doesn’t have to be. Mobile apps, mobile-friendly browsers, viral social media campaigns, responsive web design and native online ads are sure ways to open effective communication.

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