Importance of Restaurant Design

As mentioned on an article published by Business Insider, “In the new era of fusion cooking and globe-trotting chefs, what makes or breaks a restaurant is not necessarily the food. It’s the design.”

More than eating out, dining is a form of nourishment and entertainment. Guests want to have a memorable experience away from home, so restaurant owners should give importance to the interior design of their restaurants.

The look and feel of a restaurant does not only influence profits by affecting your customer’s mood and menu selection, but also the type of guests your restaurant attracts, their experience, and it can also determine whether or not they come back. It is essential that the interior design of your restaurant caters to your target market.


Designing the interiors of your restaurant is not an easy task. According to an article by Restaurant Report, these are some of the elements you should keep in mind for successful restaurant design:

Know your Market

If you have an existing restaurant, find out what your customers want by talking to them. Ask them what they like and what they don’t. If you are designing a new restaurant, talk to your competition to understand what is right and wrong with their design and see their design in action. Use market research to look at demographics for your location, analyze your competition and determine if there is a niche market.

Know the Trends

This element is related to the previous but goes a step further. Do some research to learn about the current restaurant design trends. This article describes the design trends for Quick Service Restaurants in 2014. 

Use an Interior Designer

Use an interior designer with experience designing restaurants, and who understands the operations of a restaurant: the flow of the food from the kitchen to the customer’s table, the flow and circulation of restaurant design from a customer’s and employee’s viewpoint, and that also has knowledge of durability and finish of restaurant furnishings.

Don’t Forget Profitability

Stick to a budget and emphasize to your interior designer that they must adhere to it. Don’t forget your employees when you design your restaurant. Create a design that facilitates their movement in and out of the kitchen. This will create seamless service and will also contribute to high employee morale.


Did you use an Interior Designer to create your Restaurant design? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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