Adding Healthier Options to your Menu

One of the latest trends in the restaurant industry is health/wellness.  If you are thinking about adding healthier menu options, you need to know your current customers’ purchase behavior and the impact those additions will have on your menu mix.  As always, has great insights to help guide you through the transition.

Consumer Behavior

Before you make the change you should know if your customers are making healthier decisions. Tools like Rate of Sale and Market Basket Modification are great Insights for understanding consumer purchase behavior. They can show how often your menu items are being purchased, and also the most frequent modifications that your customers are making to their meals.

Menu Impact

Once you’ve made the decision to add healthier menu items, MenuVitals can visually show you how the menu was affected.

Let’s say you decided to add a healthy wrap entrée to your menu.  You can choose relevant KPIs and pick different categories—such as entrée, desserts, and a la carte options—that maybe impacted.  With this tool you can see if the new entrée cannibalized “unhealthy” options and modify your menu based on the changes in consumer behavior, potentially also cutting labor or food costs.

Changing with industry trends doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. will help you ease into the transition from beginning to end.

How is your restaurant adapting to this new healthy trend? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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    This is absolutely great!!!!!! A+++++

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