Feature of the Week: Sales by Menu Item

If you ask any restaurant owner or manager, “What are your top 10 best selling dishes?”  They could respond within seconds without any resources needed.

However, if you ask them:

  • “How do your top dishes’ sales compare to the prior year’s numbers?
  • “What’s the trend variance?”
  • “Can you tell me those sales figures for each store?

Their responses will be delayed by a day or two and in a fast-paced industry like restaurants, no one likes to wait.

This week we’re featuring Sales by Menu Item.

Menu Item Insight

  This insight gives the ten top and bottom  menu item performers across concepts like prior year sales, how it’s trending, district average, regional average and concept average.  You can even filter your results to show you the most recent sales figures, specific day, or the whole week’s sales numbers. Narrow your results even further by using the following filters:

  • Day parts-breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night
  • Revenue centers- dine-in, take-out, drive thru, catering
  • All stores
  • Store Types
  • Sales Categories

We created an easy to use interface that gives you results within seconds, allowing you to get your data they way you need it.

Want to learn more? Request a demo by sending us an e-mail.

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