Is It Time to Revamp Your Breakfast Menu?

According to NPD Group’s research, breakfast visits increased by 3 percent in 2013. The NDP Group also conducted the “A Look into the Future of Foodservice” study which forecasts that breakfast visits will increase by 7 percent within the next 9 years. While QSRs, which account for 80 percent of the breakfast industry, are set […]

Vernon’s Gastropub Testimonial

Vernon’s Gastropub Testimonial

Angel Garcia, owner of Vernon’s Gastropub, explains how is instrumental in her gastropub’s success.


We are excited to announce a new feature for Contests. This feature allows our customers to create and monitor employee contests. Besides improving sales and enhancing service, contests are said to be one of the best way to motivate employees and encourage teamwork. Instead of evaluating contestants with traditionally used metrics like quantity sold, […]

Are Rising Seafood Sales Cannibalizing Menu Items?

According to the article, “Seafood sales boost restaurant business during Lent” by Bret Thorn, Lent is producing high seafood sales numbers for QSRs. With almost a quarter of the U.S. population Roman Catholic and 14 percent practicing Lent on Fridays it’s easy to see why seafood is prevailing in the QSR industry. Although higher sales […]