Wine or Beer?

We all know that beer is the all-star drink pairing with pizza, however according to an article that was recently published on Pizza Today, wine is also becoming a popular choice as pizza companion.

The article highlights that the most important thing to consider when selling wine in your restaurant is to have knowledgeable servers.  It is key to identify the servers who are more interested in wine as a hobby and encourage them to put together a list of key selling points for their coworkers. Moreover, ask wine vendors if they offer staff training and have your servers take advantage of this opportunity. has insights that instantly show you the team members who are doing the best job selling a product, in this case wine, and who are those servers that could use more help or receive training. We are revolutionizing the restaurant industry by providing new ways of looking at data that were not available to restaurant owners before.

Another feature that could be very useful in this example is Market Basket, which can quickly help you identify the most common product mix combinations such as pizza and wine or pizza and beer. With this insight you can easily evaluate customer behavior and identify patters in ordering from your menu.

Below, you can find an infographic created by Indian Wine List that shows you the best wines to pair with each pizza.


What do your customers like to drink with their pizzas? Leave us a comment below and let us know, or reach out to us through Email, Twitter or Facebook

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