No More Guessing, Let The Facts Guide You

With the rapid advancement of technology and increasing availability of data, making business decisions is becoming less based on intuition and experience, and more data-driven.  As mentioned on a recent article published on FSR Magazine, the arrival of real-time analytics has empowered restaurant owners and managers with facts to solve their problems. “It’s intuition on steroids”.

Target is a user-friendly and cost-effective software solution created specifically for the restaurant industry that provides an alternative to complex and expensive business intelligence software.

These are some of the things restaurant owners can do with

–  Conveniently access your data on the spot and make timely and insightful business decisions. No expensive customizations needed.

–  Evaluate your daily operations and marketing efforts with a simplified list of restaurant KPIs and metrics.

– Forget about traditional reports and see your data in a more meaningful way using graphics, charts and quick insights.

– Measure clearly and precisely the success of your marketing campaigns or seasonal events. Get informed on what KPIs are being impacted and if there is any menu item being cannibalized.

–  Easily create and track employee contests. Get daily updates on employee’s ranking improvements and see the winners list and final sales impact with just a few clicks.

For more information about our product, click here.

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