We are excited to announce a new feature for Contests. This feature allows our customers to create and monitor employee contests. Besides improving sales and enhancing service, contests are said to be one of the best way to motivate employees and encourage teamwork.

Instead of evaluating contestants with traditionally used metrics like quantity sold, sales or profit, we have come up with an innovative way to level the playing field and provide a more real perspective of the contestant’s performance during the contest.


With our new feature, you can easily create and manage contests by making just a few selections such as:
–  Location
– Time Period
– Scope (Revenue Center and/or Day part)
– Contest Focus
– Target Items (it can be an entire sales category or specific menu items)

After entering this information, our tool will predict the potential sales impact of the contest, estimated based on your selections and historical data. Having a sales estimate will make the process of deciding whether or not to run the contest simpler for you.

This feature also allows you to establish contest rules for contestant qualification, ranking and winner limits. Moreover, you can effortlessly manage payouts and disqualifications and keep track of changes in ranking. Rankings are updated daily showing you position changes and new qualifications. At the end of the contest, the list of winners is automatically displayed.

To learn more about our new Contests feature, make sure to sign up to one of our upcoming Webinar trainings by clicking here.

We would love to hear your feedback. Reach out to us through Twitter, Facebook or Email. If you are interested in learning more about our software, click here to visit our website.


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